Q:What is the restaurant like?

A: We select restaurants based on our experiences, client satisfaction, location and cuisine.
In Ulaanbaatar, you can expect a good variety of quality restaurants with international foods. Breakfasts usually are served in western style at the hotel where you stay in Ulaanbaatar.
We mostly use following restaurants for lunch at “Modern Nomads” and dinner at “bd’s Mongolia Barbeque” in the city trip. Lunch & dinners are mostly served in Western food, and sometimes Mongolian food, or a combination.
Outside of the city, we generally eat breakfast and dinner in tourist Ger camp and some day of longer trip take a packed lunch. Your packed lunch will be carried in appropriate containers to prevent spillage or spoiling. Ger camps serve both Mongolian and international foods, and there will usually be a choice of main dish.

Q: Does dining cause any problem for a western tourist in Mongolia?
A: Please do not worry about it. Mongolian and Western cuisines are both available throughout Mongolia. If you require special meals due to religious or medical limitation, please inform us so that arrangements can be made in advance.

Q: I am a vegetarian; will you provide vegetarian (including no chicken / seafood) meals for me?

A: Sure, we can always make the arrangement according to your requirements. So if you have any special requirements on your food, please let us know so that we can inform the restaurants beforehand to meet your needs.